Why is a Villa better than a hotel?

Why is a Villa better than a hotel?

Once you’ve stayed in a villa you’ll never want to stay in a hotel

You know, it’s nice staying in a hotel for a few days having someone make the bed every day for you, ordering room service, tipping everybody you come into contact with … ok, maybe not so much on that point.

Hotels are great for short stays but you do sacrifice a lot of freedom and boy, is it expensive!

Things that are great about staying in a villa – but you can’t do in a hotel

  • Stay in bed as long as you like without worrying about the maid coming in
  • Leave things lying around without worrying about the maid looking through your stuff
  • Not worrying about leaving your magnetic key card somewhere
  • No tipping anyone!
  • No valet or parking fees
  • Meal times when you like
  • Eat in, eat out, order pizza – any time
  • You don’t need a reservation for dinner
  • You don’t need to dress up for dinner
  • The bar doesn’t shut
  • Ice machine in the kitchen, not miles away down the corridor
  • No fighting for space around or in the pool, it’s all yours
  • Listen to your own music, not someone else’s
  • Not being stuck in one room for the whole of your holiday
  • The air conditioning works and doesn’t keep you awake at night
  • Kids have their own bedrooms, bathrooms and W/C
  • The laundry doesn’t eat quarters every time you use it
  • No sneaking past a concierge at midnight when the taxi has just dropped you off roaring drunk (oh, is that just me?)